Below is a book review by a famous Chinese blogger He Cai Tou. He wrote it in both Chinese and English. This is the English version:

China is unhappy
Coz authors want money
All western country are enemies
Just wanna be our daddy
All liberals are pussy
Just gonna be western country's puppets
Buy my book and pay me money
The greatest country we will be
Follow my words and follow me
The greatest country we will be
Come on! Baby!

Of course, the Chinese version is much funnier.

(Change subject for a minute. He Cai Tou is a very popular blogger in China. Recently he wrote a piece about the special program ran by Chinese government about Tibet. I will write about Tibet another time . It was very obvious he disagreed with the proganga the Chinese government launched. However, a BBC's Beijing correspondent quoted him to show how a Chinese blogger enjoyed the program. Using a correspondent who does not speak the local language is a very ineffective thing. Just like the FBI use agents who do not know anything about China to run Counter Intelligence program against China. It is not just ineffective, but could be dangerous sometimes. )

This review reflected a pretty common opinion held by many Chinese intellectuals: The authors were just using the young generation's immature anger against Western countries to make money. The authors, however, said the book was triggered by the western efforts to boycott 2008 olympics held in Beijing. The purpose of this book, they said, was to awaken Chinese liberals who have been embracing Western values.

The main ideas in the books are:
1. Why is China unhappy?
a. Western countries were behind March 14, 2008 Tibet uprising against Chinese rule. It was very obvious the western countries were united to enforce the China containment strategy.
b. Tainted milk scandal tore China's value system apart.
C. French president Nicolas Sarcozy offended China constantly. That's despicable opportunism.
D. Some Chinese elite liberals are corrupting China's core value.

What should China do:
a. China should be more ambitious to become a leader. China should play a major role in international stage.
b. China should develop its economy with sword in hand.
c. PLA (People's Liberation Army's task is to protect the government's economic benefit, not to defend the country. )
d. Economic base is not finance, but industry. Obama is going to fail miserably. The real reason of this financial crisis is American people are too lazy. They don't work hard but they want to enjoy their lives. They consume way more than they earn.
e. Realize western countries' diplomacy of opportunism. China should not attempt to repair the relationship with France.

------- to be continued.